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Using satellite data to revolutionise the way our waterways are monitored. 

River Rapids Water Flowing


HydroSEER by Delta Waterways is a tool that aims to address the problem of inadequate water quality monitoring and reporting faced by governmental bodies, industrial entities, and sectors such as forestry, agriculture, and horticulture, not only in New Zealand but worldwide.


By utilising HydroSEER, users can obtain accurate and comprehensive data on the health of waterways, including those that are large and remote. Ultimately, this will lead to more effective and efficient decision-making to better manage and conserve valuable water resources.


Fieldays Young Innovator of the Year 2022

Fieldays 2022

Delta Waterways named Fieldays Young Innovator of the Year for 2022

University of Auckland VentureLab Incubator

VentureLab Incubator Cohort 2022

Delta Waterways graduates CIE's VentureLab Incubator programme.

University of Auckland Velocity 100k Challenge 2021

Velocity $100k Challenge 

University of Auckland reveal 2021 Velocity $100k Challenge winners. 


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